Weekend nanny required to start work on Saturday 15:00, sleep over Saturday and Sunday night and finish work on Monday morning at 9am.

The villa is in ISTAN.

950 Euro per month

Email your CV to


Speech and Language Services is run by Katie Smith, a fully qualified Speech and Language therapist who provides high quality and evidenced based speech and language therapy services for children up to 18 years old. She can also provide English lessons for speakers of other languages to both children and adults.

She graduated from University College London (UCL) in 2007, with a MSc in Speech and Language Sciences, a BA (hons) Linguistics from UCL in 2002 and a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certificate in 1999.

Speech and Language Therapy:

Her experience is with a wide range of children in a variety of settings including clinics, homes and schools. She was previously part of a specialist resourced provision within mainstream schools in Southwark, London and she has experience with training teachers and teaching assistants on Speech and Language needs.

She provides tailor made speech and language therapy  and can assess and/or deliver therapy for a range of difficulties, including the following:


  • Attention and listening difficulties
  • Difficulties with understanding and/or using language
  • Stammering
  • Speech delay or specific difficulties with speech sounds
  • Difficulties with social communication, including Autism Spectrum Disorder


She firmly believes in speech and language therapy through fun and building language enriched environments for children at home and at school.

Some of the services offered are:

  • Provision to both individual children and schools as a whole
  • A quote before committing
  • Assessments including screening or more specific assessment of individuals to determine specific areas of need and strategies to support development.
  • One to one therapy in a setting that is appropriate for your child
  • Whole school intervention to support all children in their communication
  • Provide teacher and teaching assistant training
  • Work closely with families and other professionals
  • Support educational target setting and evaluation
  • Play a vital role in working directly with the child with specific speech, language and communication needs, as well as support the teachers and teaching assistants and provide necessary training


Katie considers it crucial that all people involved in a child’s life working together to fully support children in reaching their full potential.

English Lessons:

Every student is different, and many factors need to be considered; your level, your learning style, how you are most comfortable, your reason for learning English, and more.

What we can guarantee is a learning experience that is inspiring and fulfils your individual preferences. Here are some of the courses we offer:

Conversation and/or written English (adults or children):

Specific business English:

Aviation English:

Presentation / public speaking skills:

English Exam preparation:

  • Cambridge (KET, PET, First/FCE, Advanced/CAE,CPE)
  • Work exams


You can find more information via the website or Facebook or contact Katie using the details below.

LOCATION: Costa del Sol
TEL: (0034) 607 810 404 / (0034) 663 862 802




Happiness 29

She wants to make love, he can not now. Another one wants to be listened to, another one wants to be a mother. She wants to travel, he too. She and he have not been alone for three years. She and he have a son. Another he does not want to be a father. They and they go to Lisbon. Happiness.

Happiness is a theatrical reflection on the attempt to be happy in the late maturity of today.

Was that how we imagined our life? Was this what I wanted to do? I thought that the man of my life was going to believe in true love. Should I be a mother? I like dancing, listening to music, playing it. I miss you so much it hurts. My daughter is wonderful. It is absolutely unfair that this has to be happening to me now. Give me a hug. you’re good? you’re good? Yes yes I’m fine. How handsome you are. How silly are you? Do not you feel weird? Do we drink something? US? I am taking a lot of time. It had been a long time since there were two such at the same time in football. brother! With me, do not come, I do not feel like it. I love you And me. I’m scared. My grandmother was an uneducated woman but emotionally the smartest in the world. I was happy.

A base text. Four actors Some improvisations A rewrite A few trials. More trials. Some music. A set design Some lights A wardrobe. A choreographer More trials. And lots of love. Happiness.

Artistic and technical sheet

Cast: Raquel Mirón, Enrique Asenjo, Homero Rodríguez Soriano, Cristina Rojas, Mónica Mayén, Andrés Requejo and children’s participation: Miguel Martín and Carlota Rodríguez
Text: Homero Rodríguez Soriano, Cristina Rojas and the contribution of the improvisations of Raquel Mirón, Enrique Asenjo, Homero Rodríguez and Cristina Rojas
Direction: Cristina Rojas
Assistant director: Raquel Mirón
Choreography: Ana Barcia
Videos: Gema Segura, Ana Rodríguez, Rebeca Mayorga and Delia Márquez
Set design: Lúa Testa
Costumes: Cristina Rojas
Lighting design: Ana Rodríguez Aguilar
Music: Ernesto Aurignac, Joan Chamorro & Andrea Motis BigBand, Aljeromic, Radiohead
Graphic design and illustration: Omar Janaan
Photographs: David Sagasta
Communication: Gran Vía Comunicación
Distribution: New Plans Distribution
Production: we have cat

The festival SAN PEDRO ROCK will be on 29 September at the Tres Jardines in San Pedro de Alcantara.

The schedule of this sixteenth edition will be larger due to the increase in bands. Doors open at 11am and close at 03:00 hours. The event will be family friendly so there will be a children’s area, flea market, food trucks, etc.







The schedule of performances will be as follows:

1pm – Before midnight

2pm – Big MARQ UEZ

3pm – Full Color panda

4pm – 29seis70

5pm – Surfing Beards

6pm – Chaos before gea

7pm – Natura

8pm – Devils in the sky

9pm – Triana

11pm – zulu time

12:30am We Are Not Djs.

 Remember that you can not access the site with glass containers and cans. Picnics are permitted.

22 JUN – 30 SEP


Market with handmade items, such us jewelry, basketry, pottery, paintings, etc.

Viernes y Sábado | 17h a 22h
Pasaje La Carihuela (junto al colegio Albaida)

Mariano Pozo

Inauguration 28 September. 8:30 p.m.

Mariano Pozo who already presented his photographic exhibition “New York Inside” in the program of activities of La Térmica in the province in 2016, returns to participate with the exhibition CAPÍTULOS VIVIDOS, a series of 30 photographs that reflect his restless traveling spirit.

How Javier Cuenca says “The eye of the photographer, who acts as intermediary between the thought and the objective, is a voracious devourer of spaces and people, supported by the pulsating finger capturing thousandths of the stock to turn them into doors to the observatory of life The work that shows as a creator is the choice of the Nietzschean adage “human, too human” faithful to the master Cartier – Bresson who said “the photographer can not be a passive spectator, can not be really lucid if he is not involved in the event”

The exhibition compiles material from his travels through India, Mozambique, Cuba, Russia, China, Bosnia – Herzegovina, USA, Vietnam, Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Turkey, Italy.

22 JUN – 30 SEP


Market with handmade items, such us jewelry, basketry, pottery, paintings, etc.

Viernes y Sábado | 17h a 22h
Pasaje La Carihuela (junto al colegio Albaida)

22 JUN – 30 SEP


Market with handmade items, such us jewelry, basketry, pottery, paintings, etc.

Viernes y Sábado | 17h a 22h
Pasaje La Carihuela (junto al colegio Albaida)

22 JUN – 30 SEP


Market with handmade items, such us jewelry, basketry, pottery, paintings, etc.

Viernes y Sábado | 17h a 22h
Pasaje La Carihuela (junto al colegio Albaida)