This enthusiastic dad has managed to rally an internet fan base of his own after he was filmed cheering on his daughter’s high school football team with zeal.

Hekili Holland was just one of the spectators watching the York High School Falcons play against the Warhill High School Lions in Yorktown, Virginia last week—except Holland was one of the only spectators who was kicking, jumping, clapping, and fist-pumping along with the cheerleaders.

In fact, since Holland’s daughter Mackenzi is on the Falcons cheerleading squad, Holland was able to join in on every dance routine without missing a beat.

Scott Willard, who had been watching the game from the stands, was in awe of Holland’s stellar dance moves—so he pulled out his phone and recorded a quick video for Facebook.

“This guy right here needs to go viral. By far CHEER DAD OF THE YEAR!” Willard wrote in the social media post. “This dude rocks!”

Since Willard posted the video of Holland’s wholesome cheers to Facebook, the footage has been viewed more than 4 million times.

Holland later admitted to Good Morning America that he never expected people to show such appreciation for his cheers because he was “just having fun,” he said. But, “if this bring joy to folks then I ‘m happy to be that guy.”


Malaga city’s much-anticipated Christmas light display will have a celebrity start this evening (Friday) when actor Antonio Banderas gets the job of flicking the switch.

This year the city’s central light displays have been completely renewed, although the central Calle Larios will still be the scene for a light and music show every evening between now and 6 January. Events kick off this evening at 6.30pm.

Among the new features this year is the projection of a Christmas story in Calle Alcazabilla, with the Alcazaba castle as the backdrop. From Saturday these shows will adopt a regular timetable coinciding with the displays in Calle Larios, at 6.30pm, 8pm and 9.30pm.

The newly pedestrianised and landscaped Alameda Principal will also be one of the city’s focal points. Private funding from El Corte Ingés, the Metro construction group and Fundación Unicaja has contributed to a new show focusing on an ancient ficus tree close to Calle Larios. The enchanted tree will come to life every evening, with regular times from Saturday at 7.15pm, 9pm and 10.15pm.


Christmas spirit also arrives this weekend in towns around the region as lights go on. Fuengirola’s big switch-on is scheduled for 7.30pm this evening (Friday) in the Plaza de España. The evening will also see the opening of the Christmas market and a dance display.


Saturday (30 November) is the big night for Marbella, where the focal point will be the “big Christmas tree” in Avenida del Mar which will offer its own light and music show at 6.30pm, 7.30pm and 8.30pm. Festivities this evening kick off in the Paseo de la Alameda with a street parade and children’s party from 5pm.

San Pedro

Neighbouring San Pedro also starts the season this Saturday with a children’s street parade from the Plaza de la Iglesia. The big switch-on will be at 7pm, which will be followed by a free concert from Merche (Spanish singer). The music and light show in Marqués de Duero will take place three times every evening, at 6.30, 7.30 and 8.30pm

Me want cookies… and good directions!

As a means of celebrating the Cookie Monster’s birthday on November 2nd, the Waze navigational app has just released a new Cookie Monster voice option.

The company used a short cartoon video of the Sesame Street character riding in a car to announce their new voice feature on Twitter earlier this week.


“November 2nd was [Cookie Monster’s] birthday, so we’ve brought his voice and mood back to Waze. Use them while you can,” tweeted the company. “Sure, cookies may be great to celebrate with, but this is even better!”

All Waze users have to do to get directions from the pastry-loving television hero is go to the “Voice and Sound” section of the app and select the Cookie Monster option from the “Voice Directions” menu.

“Oh keep him!!! He’s the best. You can’t have road rage when Cookie is your guide!” said one Twitter user.

Another Cookie Monster fan said: “Please keep him forever!! My son asks for [Cookie Monster] every time we get in the car!!”

Regardless of whether you use Waze, we do encourage Twitter users to pay a visit to the Cookie Monster’s official page—it’s the perfect internet treat to brighten up your day.

  1. Make your own games. Get a supply of  cards, children’s scissors, glue and anything else you may want to make some fun games. Old school games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Snakes and Ladders can all be easily made at home and will keep the children occupied for some time. (Note: You will probably have to help out with smaller children.)
  2. Cooking and baking. Once a week plan a cooking or baking day. Involve the kids in the process from the beginning — let them chose from a selection of recipes that you have ingredients for. If the child can read, get them to read from the recipe book. Step by step, help them to work through the instructions. Try to avoid the temptation of doing it yourself.
  3. Make an assault course. Old pieces of wood, boxes, buckets, garden chairs — anything that can be jumped over, under or around. Tell the children to time each other around the assault course. The course can be completed on a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, or simply by running.
  4. Build a garden patch (if you have a garden that is). Dedicate a small patch in the garden to the kids. Plant flowers, herbs, lettuce — anything that grows quickly and gives them the satisfaction of having produced something. If your kids are small, just give them a spade, put on their old clothes, and let them loose. I read recently that gardeners are the happiest people alive. The explanation was that there is a form of bacteria in the soil that actually makes you happy. No harm giving it a go; we all want happy and relaxed children.
  5. Go camping. Build a tent indoors or outdoors with blankets and sheets. Once the tent is up, give them a torch and a picnic to take with them. I guarantee you won’t see them for hours.
  6. Go on picnics. You don’t have to go far to have a picnic — my children regularly ask for a picnic out the garden. I give them whatever I have in the fridge. You’d be amazed how once it is packed in a plastic container and eaten on a blanket on the grass, how much the atmosphere romanticizes the most boring of sandwiches.
  7. Have a treasure hunt. Make a treasure map with clues to find some treasure you have hidden somewhere in the garden. It doesn’t have to be expensive or big — any little treat will be exciting when it is found outdoors.
  8. Create a Corona virus Diary. Encourage the little ones to keep a Diary or scrapbook. They can take photos of special days and write about them. It will become a lovely memory book for them in the future — and also keep them busy for hours.
  9. Get jamming. Grab some musical instruments — things like bongos, shakers or tambourines, and get jamming. Get your kids to sing and dance along. (Alternatively, you can stick on Baby Shark, let your hair down, and dance on the furniture.)
  10. Make a movie. Get your phone and some Star Wars/Barbie figures. They can create it themselves and use Windows MovieMaker to edit it afterwards. They get to have creative fun and you can make it into a movie night when finished (any excuse for popcorn)
  11. Paint. One of the nicest ways to express your creativity is to use paint. Get large sheets of paper and lots of paint. Go mad and use your hands and feet — it’s liberating. To avoid any stress, prepare the area well and cover with plastic or newspaper. Have some water on hand to wash when you are finished.
  12. Get into jewellery making. Go to a bead shop and stock up on beads, wire and clasps, and get busy making your own jewellery. This activity can be done with the smallest of children, just be sure to get appropriate bead sizes for different age groups. The children will be so proud to wear the jewellery that they have made.
  13. Sketching. Go to a local park to sketch. They all had their own sketch pads and pencils, and they were encouraged to draw what they saw around them. They all had so much fun and want to make it a regular date.
  14. Take nature walks. Go on nature walks with a purpose. On the beach, collect shells and stones to later make a shell castle or shell and stone sculptures. In the Campo, get kids to seek out different sorts of bugs, plants or trees. Alternatively, give them a map to plot the route you are taking. By giving them control and a plan will ensure they don’t get bored too quickly.
  15. Have a clear out. Get the kids to clear out their rooms and have a go at selling the “crap” on-line. You could make a little bit of money . Pool all the money together and use it to pay for an outing for the whole family.
  16. Visit the library (If it is open). Use your local library regularly. In most libraries you can get more than books; you can get movies and music. Make a day out of it. Do some reading while you’re there instead of getting some books and heading home. Give your children a love of books — it is one of the best gifts you can give them
  17. Have a “Chill Day”. With all that activity planned, kids will also need some down time. Make sure you plan some days where you just chill, watch some movies, read some books, and take it easy.Image result for schools out


In December, Ikea Málaga renews its free workshops so that the whole family has a fun time while learning. Both young and old will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about crafts, cooking, educational robotics and large constructions. In addition, this month there is a sensory workshop aimed at the smallest members of the house.

Great opportunity to do a Christmas shop while your partner takes the kid(s) to these workshops.

The workshops, which will last approximately one hour, will be held at 10:30 and at 12.00 (two calls per workshop). Craft and cooking workshops are recommended for children from 3 years old, while robotics and construction workshops are aimed at children from 6 years old. The sensory workshop is for babies and children up to 3 years old. So a little bit for everyone!

To participate in these free workshops it is necessary to be a member of Ikea Family, in addition to pre-registering through the website indicating the number of attendees, since places are limited. All activities will take place in the restaurant, located on the first floor of Ikea Malaga, and children will have to come accompanied by an adult.


Craft workshop ‘Advent calendar’

Recommended age: from 3 years.

With photo frames, attendees will create beautiful advent calendars.


Sensory workshop for babies and children up to 3 years old

Using ‘snow’ as a common element, children will be able to manipulate, touch and feel the textures and sensations of this time of year by the Club Coccole.

With respect to age ranges, enrollment in these shifts is recommended:

– From 0 to 1 year: workshop from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

– From 1 to 3 years: workshop from 12 to 13 hours.


Cooking workshop  “Gingerbread houses ”

Recommended age: from 3 years.

Christmas is here and it’s time to prepare by building and decorating gingerbread houses.


Educational Robotics Workshop

Recommended age: from 6 years.

Using Lego pieces, the children will build small figures to which they will be able to start operating and moving with the aid of a computer.


Large constructions workshop

Recommended age: from 6 years.

The participants will analyze the spatial and physical possibilities of the Tutakaboo pieces to make creative constructions.

REGISTRATION: to participate in the free workshops of Ikea Malaga, prior registration is required through the website. HERE

RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW (limited availability)




Founded by Oscar Calleja, a native from Madrid who has lived in Costa del sol since 2009. Oscar understands the needs of international families living on the Costa del Sol. His aim is to bring kids and teens a high quality football training academy in Marbella. Oscar’s partners are Ramón G. Nuñez and Sebastián Losada who are famous Spanish football players.


  • Self- Control – Management of emotions and confidence
  • Effort – Perseverance, discipline and improvement
  • Leadership – Initiative and decision making
  • Respect – Sport and empathy
  • Teamwork – Common objectives and fellowship

RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW (limited availability)




RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW (limited availability)




Founded by Oscar Calleja, a native from Madrid who has lived in Costa del sol since 2009. Oscar understands the needs of international families living on the Costa del Sol. His aim is to bring kids and teens a high quality football training academy in Marbella. Oscar’s partners are Ramón G. Nuñez and Sebastián Losada who are famous Spanish football players.


  • Self- Control – Management of emotions and confidence
  • Effort – Perseverance, discipline and improvement
  • Leadership – Initiative and decision making
  • Respect – Sport and empathy
  • Teamwork – Common objectives and fellowship

RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW (limited availability)






Image result for @bancosolmalaga



Specsavers Ópticas Marbella and Fuengirola have launched a campaign to collect non-perishable food for those in need on the Costa del Sol.

It has joined the Operación Kilo Campaign, thanks to a collaboration with the Costa del Sol’s Food Bank (Bancosol). Bancosol distributes food via charities and associations to help the most vulnerable people in society. They contribute to a network of food banks operating throughout Spain which is currently supplying food to 1.5 million people. Specsavers Ópticas will be collecting food for them until the end of the year.

Bancosol are particularly in need of the following non-perishable foods – oil, milk, tinned foods and meals, beans and pulses. These products can be dropped into Specsavers Ópticas in Fuengirola or Marbella.

You can find them on Avenida Ramon y Cajal 6 in Fuengirola, by the bus station, or on Avenida Ricardo Soriano 12, next to Massimo Dutti. Donations are very welcome in both stores until the end of the year. Visit to find your nearest store.

The directors of these opticians are asking for donations of food in return for their free eye test and encouraging anyone who recently had a free eye test to also join the collection and bring in some food to donate between the 27th of November and the end of the year.

Find out more about the important work Bancosol is doing on their website or follow them on Facebook @bancosolmalaga


Notes to Editors

  • Specsavers is a partnership of almost 2,000 locally-run businesses throughout the UK, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand – all committed to delivering high quality, affordable optical and hearing care in the communities they serve.



  • More than 36 million customers are registered with Specsavers and the partnership had a turnover of more than £2.2bn in 2016/17
  • Specsavers Opticas supports several charities in Spain locally and nationally, including Lions Club, Red Cross and Banco de Alimentos.
  • Specsavers Opticas has been in Spain since 2006 and currently has nine stores; Marbella and Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, Santa Ponça Mallorca, Calpe, Javea, Benidorm, Guardamar del Segura, La Zenia and Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca.
  • More information



Media Contact

Georgina Shaw, PR Representative

Tel: 685 719 136



Avenida Julio Inglesia, Puerto Banus
Tel: +34 951 196 666

Avenida de la Encarnacion, Fuengirola
Tel: +34 952 198 600

Plaza Mayor, Malaga, Calle Alfonso Ponce de Leon 3
Tel: +34 902 220 922

Knives Out


Cines Goya – Puerto Banus
Friday 29th November: 15:15, 17:45, 22:15
Saturday 30th November: 15:15, 17:45, 22:15
Sunday 1st December: 15:15, 17:45, 22:15
Monday 2nd December: 17:00, 21:45
Tuesday 3rd December: 17:00, 21:45
Wednesday 4th December: 17:00, 21:45
Thursday 5th December: 17:00, 21:45

Cinesur Miramar – Fuengirola
Friday 29th November: 16:15, 18:50, 21:30, 00:15
Saturday 30th November: 12:00, 16:15, 18:50, 21:30, 00:15
Sunday 1st December: 12:00, 16:15, 18:50, 21:30
Monday 2nd December: 16:15, 18:50, 21:30
Tuesday 3rd December: 16:15, 18:50, 21:30
Wednesday 4th December: 16:15, 18:50, 21:30
Thursday 5th December: 16:15, 18:50, 21:30

Yelmo Cinema – Plaza Mayor
Friday 29th November: 16:10
Saturday 30th November: 12:30, 16:10
Sunday 1st December: 12:30, 16:10
Monday 2nd December: 16:10, 17:20
Tuesday 3rd December: 16:10, 17:20, 18:40
Wednesday 4th December: 16:10, 17:20

Last Christmas


Cines Goya – Puerto Banus
Friday 29th November: 14:45, 18:00
Saturday 30th November: 14:45, 18:00
Sunday 1st December: 14:45, 18:00
Monday 2nd December: 17:30
Tuesday 3rd December: 17:30
Wednesday 4th December: 17:30

Yelmo Cinema – Plaza Mayor
Tuesday 3rd December: 20:05

Frozen II


Cines Goya – Puerto Banus
Friday 29th November: 15:30, 17:30, 18:30, 19:30
Saturday 30th November: 15:30, 17:30, 18:30, 19:30
Sunday 1st December: 12:00, 15:30, 17:30, 18:30, 19:30
Monday 2nd December: 17:15, 19:15
Tuesday 3rd December: 17:15, 19:15
Wednesday 4th December: 17:15, 19:15

Cinesur Miramar – Fuengirola
Friday 29th November: 17:15, 19:30
Saturday 30th November: 12:00, 15:00, 17:15, 19:30
Sunday 1st December: 12:00, 15:00, 17:15, 19:30
Monday 2nd December: 17:15, 19:30
Tuesday 3rd December: 17:15, 19:30
Wednesday 4th December: 17:15, 19:30

Yelmo Cinema – Plaza Mayor
Tuesday 3rd December: 18:30

Ford v Ferrari


Cinesur Miramar – Fuengirola
Friday 29th November: 15:45
Saturday 30th November: 12:00, 15:45
Sunday 1st December: 12:00, 15:45
Monday 2nd December: 15:45
Tuesday 3rd December: 15:45
Wednesday 4th December: 15:45

Yelmo Cinema – Plaza Mayor
Friday 29th November: 16:00
Saturday 30th November: 16:00
Sunday 1st December: 16:00
Monday 2nd December: 16:00
Tuesday 3rd December: 16:00, 19:00
Wednesday 4th December: 16:00

The Irishman


Cines Goya – Puerto Banus
Friday 29th November: 15:30, 18:00
Saturday 30th November: 15:30, 18:00
Sunday 1st December: 15:30, 18:00
Monday 2nd December: 17:30
Tuesday 3rd December: 17:30
Wednesday 4th December: 17:30


Cines Goya – Puerto Banus
Friday 29th November: 22:15
Saturday 30th November: 22:15
Sunday 1st December: 22:15
Monday 2nd December: 21:30
Tuesday 3rd December: 21:30
Wednesday 4th December: 21:30

Cinesur Miramar – Fuengirola
Monday 2nd December: 15:45
Tuesday 3rd December: 15:45

Yelmo Cinema – Plaza Mayor
Tuesday 3rd December: 21:05



Cines Goya – Puerto Banus
Monday 2nd December: 17:45



Cines Goya – Puerto Banus
Friday 29th November: 15:45
Saturday 30th November: 15:45
Sunday 1st December: 15:45
Monday 2nd December: 17:00
Tuesday 3rd December: 17:00
Wednesday 4th December: 17:00

Yelmo Cinema – Plaza Mayor
Tuesday 3rd December: 19:05

Ghost Fleet


Cinesur Miramar – Fuengirola
Friday 29th November: 21:45
Saturday 30th November: 21:45
Sunday 1st December: 21:45
Monday 2nd December: 21:45
Tuesday 3rd December: 21:45
Wednesday 4th December: 21:45

Rather than issuing a ticket to a financially-strapped Wisconsin mother, this compassionate police officer surprised her family with gifts instead.

Officer Kevin Zimmerman of the Milwaukee Police Department pulled over Andrella Jackson for a registration issue with her car earlier this month. He was then cheerfully greeted by her and her two daughters—although he was dismayed to find that the little girls did not have car seats.

Unfortunately, Jackson explained that she could not afford the seats since she has been struggling to buy new winter clothing for her kids for the upcoming Milwaukee winter.

Zimmerman then visited a nearby Walmart and used his own money to buy coloring books, stickers, and two new car seats for $75.

After paying for the purchase, he went to Jackson’s house to deliver the gifts. He even helped her install the seats and fill out the safety recall cards.

Though Zimmerman did not think very much of his gesture, Jackson later posted photos of the 36-year-old officer and her kids to Facebook as a thank you for his kindness—and it was quickly shared thousands of times.

“Now, I’m able to finish getting coats,” Jackson told WTMJ. “That saved me 70 something dollars on buying coats and hats and gloves. He’s awesome. I really love him. I really appreciate everything he did for me.”