From July 5 to 19: Renewals (for those who are up to date with payment for the month of June, both for Adults and Children)

From July 26 to August 3: Group Changes (for those who are up to date with payment of their last month of the Activity, as long as there are vacancies in the groups requested)

From August 9 onwards: New Registrations



  Empadronados No Empadronados
Educación Acuática Infantil – 2 Días/Semana 10,27 € 20,54 €
Educación Acuática Infantil – 3 Días/Semana 13,35 € 26,70 €
Iniciación Natación 2 Días/Semana 11,30 € 22,59 €
Iniciación Natación 3 Días/Semana 16,43 € 32,86 €
Natación Terapéutica 2 Días/Semana 30,81 € 61,62 €
Natación Terapéutica 3 Días/Semana 42,21 € 92,43 €
Nado Libre Infantil (3-13 años) 1 sesión 1,03 € 2,05 €
Natación Libre Infantil (3-13 años) 10 sesiones 9,24 € 18,49 €


  Empadronados No Empadronados
Natación – 2 Horas/Semana 13,35 € 26,70 €
Natación – 3 Horas/Semana 18,49 € 36,97 €
Nado Libre (Desde 14 años) – 1 Sesión 2,05 € 4,11 €
Nado Libre (Desde 14 años) – 10 Sesiones 18,49 € 36,97 €
Natación Pensionistas – 2 Horas/Semana 5,14 € 10,27 €
Natación Pensionistas – 3 Horas/Semana 7,19 € 14,38 €
Natación Terapéutica 2 Días/Semana 30,81 € 61,62 €
Natación Terapéutica 3 Días/Semana 46,21 € 92,42 €

Any interested person may formalize their registration within the established deadlines and schedules.

Enrollments will continue once this period has ended, while vacant places remain.

To register, interested parties must submit: Registration flyer, registration form duly completed, photocopy of the DNI (or family book for minors), photocopy of the social security card or private insurance and bank deposit compliance, ( if you have not made the payment by credit card).

Steps to follow to make an inscription:

Go to the offices of the Delegation.
Once the place is confirmed, make the corresponding bank deposit (or payment by credit card).
Present the receipt of the payment in our offices, where you will receive the confirmation ticket of your registration in the chosen activity.
Confirm your data and selected time.


Once the registration in an activity is done, the return can not be requested, except in exceptional cases.


Fill in the “Registration Form” AVAILABLE ON THE FOLLOWING LINK https://www.marbella.es/deportes/actividades/precios-e-inscripciones/19-precios-e-inscripciones/197/pasos-para-inscribirse.html
Photocopy of the DNI and for minors who are not in possession of the same, photocopy of the Family Book.
Photocopy of the Social Security card (or private health insurance).
Registration EMPADRON (for those who are registered in the municipality and wish to enjoy the benefits of the enumerators). Only the first time you register for an activity or if you change your address will be delivered.

Bank income (check in our offices)

The payment of the activities will always be made in advance, before the 28th day of the previous month
In the case of making bank deposit, it is essential to present the receipt of the bank in our offices before the end of the term of renewal of the activity.
Those users who have not delivered the receipt on the specified renewal dates will cause the activity to be canceled.
As of the 30th of each month, places that have not been renewed in the aforementioned period will be offered.
The Municipal Sports Delegation reserves the right to modify / cancel any activity temporarily or permanently if the circumstances so require. In that case, you can request the refund of the amount or your relocation in another activity if you have free places.


Registration can be formalized for all sports activities in any of these offices:

Piscina Municipal del Complejo P. Antonio Serrano Lima

Dirección: Avd. General López Domínguez s/n
Horario:De 08.30 a 18.00 horas (agosto) y de 08.00 a 21.00 (septiembre)
Teléfono: 952 76 87 78

Centro Deportivo Municipal

Dirección: Calle Jabega, s/n
Horario: De 8.30 a 21.30 (todo el año excepto agosto)
Teléfono: 952 85 90 60

Palacio de los Deportes de San Pedro Alcántara “Elena Benítez”

Dirección: Avda. Fuente Nueva, s/n
Horario: De 08.30 a 14.30 horas (del 22 de septiembre al 14 de junio) / de 8.30 a 14.00 (Del 15 de junio al 21 de septiembre)
Teléfono: 952 76 87 68

Tenencia de Alcaldía de Nueva Andalucía

Dirección: Miguel de Cervantes, 15
Horario: De 9.00 a 14.00 horas
Teléfono: 952 76 16 04

Tenencia de Alcaldía de Las Chapas

Dirección: Calle Pinsapo, s/n
Horario: De 9.00 a 14.00 horas
Teléfono: 952 86 87 30

* Festivos, Sábados y Domingos: Cerrado