Built by Esteban Martin and local bricklayers between 1987 and 1994, this castle pays homage to Christopher Colombus and the discovery of America. Offering Byzantine, Roman, Gothic and Mudejar architectural styles it also has what is believed to be the smallest church in the world and features in the Guinness Book of Records.

This castle is the best observation tower in Malaga and offers a spectacular view of the whole city. The fortress was built in the 14th century and was initially used to defend Alcazaba and at some point also used as a coastal lookout. The interior of the castle was at some point a mosque and inside is a 40m deep well - the Pozo Airon.

Duquesa Castle or Sabinillas Fortress as it is also known was built in 1767 to defend the area from the continual pirate invasions. A resident of Seville, Francisco Paulino, financed the construction and the King compensated him by placing him in command of a cavalry company.

Originally built in 1160 the Moorish Castle was ransacked by the Spanish between 1309 – 1333. This 'Tower of Homage' was rebuilt in the 14th century by Abu-l-Hasan and today you can visit the inside of the recently restored castle, wonder at those 14th century walls and marvel at the feats of Gibraltar's first city builders, the Moors. Located at the Northern end of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve just below the World War II Tunnels, and Great Siege Tunnels.