We, Ruth and Silvia set up Educación Meraki, because we passionately believe in engaging, exciting, language learning. We deliver excellent Spanish and English language and activity courses for adults and children. Set in the breathtaking Andalusian countryside, our courses are fun creative and effective.

Our method of teaching involves everyday activities and real life situations. We believe a hands-on approach to learning English, Spanish or any language, is an effective, successful, and most importantly, fun, way of learning. Meraki is a Greek word which means to do something with soul, creativity or love, and this is what we believe in.

We run regular monthly Spanish & English courses, Kids English Summer camps, activity courses such as Climbing & Spanish, Walking & Spanish in various stunning locations throughout Andalusia. For private classes contact us for more details, Ruth is a qualified British primary school teacher with specialism in special needs and Silvia is an English teacher.


  • Enthusiastic, capable, inspirational and native staff
  • A relaxed, comfortable natural environment to allow students to progress at their individual rate.
  • Stunning locations to inspire learning and individual development.
  • Courses designed with the students at the heart of planning – student-led learning
  • Tailor-made courses specific to each particular group
  • High teacher-student ratio in every course

For more information, advice or course dates, take a look at our website or contact us directly by phone or email.

ADDRESS: Pizarra, Málaga




TEL: 0034 644 30 69 13