Ciencia Divertida- Planeta Explora Camp


Planeta Explora will be hosting an amazing Half Term Camp for children from 4 to 12 years old where they will be doing fun experiments and mini science projects in both English and Spanish as well as other activities at their facilities in Benalmádena, inside the Tivoli World amusement park.

It will be held from Monday, February 25 to Friday, March 1. The inscriptions, which are made per week, are now open. The price will be 60 euros per week from 9 to 14 hours or from 75 euros per week from 8 to 15 hours. In addition, there is a 10% discount for siblings and AMPAS or collaborating entities.

It is an urban camp for curious and small researchers interested in science, experiments, planets, the ‘why’ of many things: things that fly, things that swim and come to the surface, enigmas of black holes and galaxies, ships and rockets that reach far, etc., endless fun and educational activities.

Thus the participants will enjoy and learn with the methodology of Ciencia Diverted and the team of Planeta Explora. The activities will be adapted for ages.


The theme of the camp is based on ‘STEAM’ (science-technology-engienering-arts-maths) and for 20 years it has reviewed all the curiosities of the participants about different areas of science: technology, galaxies and the universe, biology, physics and chemistry, environment, computational thinking, etc. Depending on the groups, one or another theme is worked on, which revolve around three dimensions:

– ‘The scientist in me’. The kids will become doctors, architects, astronauts, electronics, biologists or physicists, etc. with the aim of discovering the scientist or scientist that they carry inside.

– ‘Scienful art’. The team at Planeta Explora is clear that the idea that creativity is based on letters or sciences is no longer carried out, so the models, projects and mini-projects that the participants carry out as a team and collaborate are one of the strongest points of the camp .

– ‘Cool inventions’. The professionals will review together with children some of the best achievements of science to reproduce them as they wish. Therefore, they will be inventing and creating all the time.

MORE INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION: if you want to reserve a place in this Half Term children’s camp or have any questions, you can contact or call 620 314 585/697 141 657.

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