BASIC LISTING Free Company name, location, email address and telephone contact.
One line basic description of business. Up to 50 words.
Unlimited Maximum 1
FEATURED & BANNER €40 (+ iva) Company name
Up to 150 words detailed description of business.
Full contact details and email.
Hyperlink to your website via the Banner ad.
Rotational link to your listing on home page.
1 year Maximum 3

The benefits of a paid for listing:

  • Your company will appear at the top of the listed category above the free listings.
  • It will also be viewed on the home page on a rotational basis.
  • It will include much more information about your business in the directory.
  • Visitors will be attracted by your company logo and make your brand more visible.
  • All the features of a Featured listing include a 140×140 pixel colourful banner ad on the Home page and all other pages.
  • The hyperlink will enable visitors to view your web page and thus see more up to date detailed information.
  • Regular updates and promotion via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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