Family fun at Ikea with Free workshops throughout December!


In December, Ikea Málaga renews its free workshops so that the whole family has a fun time while learning. Both young and old will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about crafts, cooking, educational robotics and large constructions. In addition, this month there is a sensory workshop aimed at the smallest members of the house.

Great opportunity to do a Christmas shop while your partner takes the kid(s) to these workshops.

The workshops, which will last approximately one hour, will be held at 10:30 and at 12.00 (two calls per workshop). Craft and cooking workshops are recommended for children from 3 years old, while robotics and construction workshops are aimed at children from 6 years old. The sensory workshop is for babies and children up to 3 years old. So a little bit for everyone!

To participate in these free workshops it is necessary to be a member of Ikea Family, in addition to pre-registering through the website indicating the number of attendees, since places are limited. All activities will take place in the restaurant, located on the first floor of Ikea Malaga, and children will have to come accompanied by an adult.


Craft workshop ‘Advent calendar’

Recommended age: from 3 years.

With photo frames, attendees will create beautiful advent calendars.


Sensory workshop for babies and children up to 3 years old

Using ‘snow’ as a common element, children will be able to manipulate, touch and feel the textures and sensations of this time of year by the Club Coccole.

With respect to age ranges, enrollment in these shifts is recommended:

– From 0 to 1 year: workshop from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

– From 1 to 3 years: workshop from 12 to 13 hours.


Cooking workshop  “Gingerbread houses ”

Recommended age: from 3 years.

Christmas is here and it’s time to prepare by building and decorating gingerbread houses.


Educational Robotics Workshop

Recommended age: from 6 years.

Using Lego pieces, the children will build small figures to which they will be able to start operating and moving with the aid of a computer.


Large constructions workshop

Recommended age: from 6 years.

The participants will analyze the spatial and physical possibilities of the Tutakaboo pieces to make creative constructions.

REGISTRATION: to participate in the free workshops of Ikea Malaga, prior registration is required through the website. HERE