Málaga Institute of Technology MIT® School, assisted by the CIDITAE (Centre of Investigation and Development of Technological Innovations in Education), our aspiration is to build up an Educative Community with shared values and therefore all our activities are designed to strengthen and fully accomplish these values. We are a bilingual school with the emphasis being in Spanish and English and children will graduate being fluent in both languages. Chinese is also introduced from Kindergarden and later on in primary school the students will have the chance to learn German.

Our education focuses on the joy of learning and each finding their own way to be happy and reach their full potential, but without forgetting the effort that each of us must make in this process or what our work and our development as people means to the rest of the community. The school must not only be a place for academic learning, but also a school for life.   Apart from all the innovations and new technology that we will use during our learning process, we would like to be remembered for our style, our clear manner of doing things and the way we successfully cope with the problems of both our personal and professional lives.

Respect for others, consideration for someone else’s ideas, tolerance, cooperation, and discipline are the fundamentals in the preparation and development of this school.

The 4 educational pillars on which our educational project is based:

  1. Languages – Our students graduate with an excellent level in the Spanish domain and also in English (Level C1  or advanced in 2nd yer of Bachillerato).  Chinese is also taught from Infant and German from 8 years. French is optional in Bachillerato)
  2. Sports and Wellness – In addition to the 2 hours a week of physical education as in any school, we include in our curriculum a mandatory 1 hour of yoga/ Tai Chi/ Mindfulness and 1 hour of Aikido, in order to develop in the students full consciousness of themselves, respect for others, emotional balance and highest levels of concentration and physical form.
  3.  Technology – We carry out a strong investment each year in order to provide the Center with the most advanced educational technology (we recently acquired several sets of virtual reality Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, for example) that we consider crucial for the optimal preparation of our students and the culmination of their learning process. We have in fact multiple collaboration agreements with technology companies within the PTA and with the University of Málaga.
  4.  Values –  They are our highest priority, commitment and responsibility. We consider it essential to instill in our students ideas and values such as effort, responsibility, sacrifice, balance, courage, courtesy, and perseverance, so that they become conscious of their existence, owners of their destiny and fully realized and happy. Our motto is “Noscete Ipsum” (Know yourself!). Mit School is located in the Technological Park of Andalucia in a privileged natural environment surrounded by nature and well connected by highway. We have 500 students. 70% spanish students, 30% of expat students from: Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, USA, UK, Australia, UE.

We are in negotiations to open a new school in Madrid area and several in China. Most of our students choose Medicine, Architecture, mathematics, industrial engineering, but we have graduated many professors and lawyers too. MIT School participates in various
educational activities at national and international level. Like Erasmus Plus Sport at School and Innovative Maths teaching.

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