SHINE Child Development (SHINE)
Who and what?

At Shine Child Development, we are the team around the child for schools and families; providing high quality occupational, behavioural, social and emotional and speech and language therapy services. We believe that schools and families can be empowered to support children to achieve their fullest potential. Through team collaboration, excellence in clinical practice and our warm, individually tailored approach, we aim to help children develop the skills and confidence that they need to participate and thrive in life. We are based in San Pedro and operate all along the Costa Del Sol, from Malaga to Sotogrande.

There are a range of developmental reasons why a child may require one or multiple of the services that we provide at Shine. Such developmental challenges may involve; gross motor coordination and strength endurance, fine motor precision and handwriting skills along with learning strategies to support our body engine speeds (sensory integration development) , receptive (understanding) and expressive language, speech sound work and activities to increase sustained attention, listening and focus, behaviour difficulties and emotional regulation.

Shine Child Development works within the ethos that children access growth and development best when provided with a Team around the Child approach.

SHINE Therapy Services:
Therapeutic Clinical Assessment
Options available:
1. Multidisciplinary assessment by all the SHINE therapists.
2. Standardized assessment in one of the disciplines
3. Observation assessment in schools

Online Therapy Services:
We offer high quality online therapeutic support.
• Parent consultation meeting to discuss concerns
• Client-centred one to one therapy session. Child and a parent will meet with the therapist for a child-centred therapy session engaging in fun exercises and games, supporting ongoing therapy goals.

Clinic Therapy Services:
Kids can enjoy our homely therapy space and engage in one to one or group therapy.
• One to one therapy sessions with a Clinical Therapist and/or Therapy Assistant
• Therapeutic groups led by Clinical Therapy team

Home Therapy Services:
• Home sessions can be accommodated where your child will engage in a home-based therapy session with a Clinical Therapist or Therapy Assistant. Equipment will be brought to the home to support therapy goals.

School Therapy Support:
All children need environments which nurture their development; this can make a difference for typically developing children as well as those with specific special needs. Our goal is to form a key partnership with schools, education centres and early years settings where our therapy services can support in the following ways:
• Individual assessments
• Individual/group therapy programs
• Individual/group therapy sessions
• Regular student reviews
• Ongoing support and advice for teaching/support staff
• Training for teaching/support staff
• Extended services for parents and families
• Assistance in developing strategic approaches to supporting children and young people
Therapeutic Camps:
We run fun and enriched camps during the holiday periods with access to multiple Clinical Therapists. These interactive and engaging groups provide a fun environment for children to progress developmentally in a social context.

For more information on any of the above services please visit our website or contact us any time.